Prabhu Rockshape Machinery Pvt Ltd.

(An ISO - 9001 : 2015 Company)

Method of Applicaiton

  • Cutting
    - Standard procedure for wear resistant plate cutting is by air plasma arc. Abrasive Wheels can also be used in rare cases.
  • Forming
    - Forming of Wear Resistant Plates has some limitations. Further, Wear plate can not be formed in two planes. Such problems can be sorted out by our expert application support engineers by studying the shape of wear prone parts, its location and application in the equipment and they can suggest the best solution.
  • Fixing
    - Wear Resistant Plate used as a structural component as the case may be keeping the forming limitations in mind.

'ROCKSHAPE' Wear Resistant Plate with its M. S. Base plate can be welded directly to mother plate by low hydrogen electrodes.

Studs can also be welded to 'ROCKSHAPE' High Alumina Ceramics Wear Resistant Plate on base plate side for fixing the same by providing appropriate holes on the mother plate.

'ROCKSHAPE' Wear Resistant Plate can be provided with predetermined CSK holes for fixing the same by on to mother plate by CSK Bolts/Nuts.

By using Cotter Pins pegging of 'ROC KSHAPE' Wear Resistant Plate can be achieved for high abrasive wear on inclined surfaces.

Range of Applicaitons

ROCKSHAPE wear resistant plate finds its use in nearly all the plants where material is needed to be moved in bulk quantities.

Cement Plant

  • Clinker Discharge for Raw Mill/Cement Mill
  • Inlet & Discharge Chute.
  • Outlet Duct Bend for Coal Mill.
  • Liners for Crusher discharge Hopper.
  • Radial Conveyor,Bucket Elevator Chute.
  • Cyclone Casing Plates.
  • Housing for L.S.Crusher.
  • Cover Assly. for Coal Mill Roller.
  • Coal Mill material Feeder Pipe.
  • Coal Mill Dynamic Separator.
  • Cooler Exh.Fan Blade Liners.
  • Conveyor.
  • D S M Screen.
  • Polycom Impeller Separator.
  • Coal Crusher Liners.
  • Liners for Crusher.
  • Inlet Cone for Cement Mill.
  • Impeller Blades.
  • Liners for Raw Mill Fan vanes
  • Feed Hopper & Chute.
  • Damper Blades.
  • Louver Plates.
  • Sinter Plant : Feed Drums
  • Screens
  • Fan Blades.
  • Fan Casings.
  • Sinter Cooler Parts
  • Louver Plates.
  • Blast Furnace : Skip Body
  • Skip Track Liners
  • COAL FACE(Open Cast)
  • Line Pan Scraper : Scraper Blades.
  • Sheerer Drum : Drum Face.
  • Strata Bunker : Liner Plates.
  • Skip Liners : Liner Plates.
  • Collector Pan
  • Liner for Mill Elbow Plant
  • Coal Feeder.
  • Liners for Coal Feeder.
  • Outlet Ventury Collar Assly.
  • P.A. Fan Casing.
  • Flue Gas Duct
  • Strips for Screw Conveyor.
  • Inlet / Discharge Chutes.
  • Vibro Feeders.
  • Coal Mills Applications.
  • Classifier Blades.
  • Guide Vanes.
  • Fan Runners.
  • Fan Impeller.

Coal Preparation

  • Raw Coal Bunker: Bunker Liners.
  • Weigh Feeder Liners.
  • Scraper: Chain Tracks.
  • Sprocket Teeth.
  • Separating Bath Chute Liners.
  • Crusher Cone.
  • Sizing Screens.
  • Primary Screens: Screen Decks.
  • Recovery Screens.

Material Handling

  • Transfer Chutes.
  • Feeder Trays.
  • Skirt Plates.
  • Bucket Liners.
  • Ducts / Bends.
  • Spiral Chutes.
  • Deflector Plates.